About me

Get to know me, my journey and how I can help!

Hi! I’m Aoife,

Welcome to Optimising Online!

Where I started and how I have ended up here

Born in rural Ireland, I was taught from a young age that the norm was a traditional 9-5. That idea led me to train as a primary teacher, something that I have since enjoyed and taken great pride in.

However, more and more people are recognising that what was once ‘the norm’ is not the only way to live! The idea of trading your time for money is something that many with a growth mindset are starting to realise is less than ideal. This highlights the importance of having resources in place to ensure that your business is working for you, to allow you to have a better work life balance. The average retirement age has been increased to 66 and I think we can all agree that making a passive income through methods such as automation, seems far more appealing! The need to take care of our minds and bodies and to protect our energy has never been more prevalent.

The world is changing and the abundance of opportunities available in the online world has always intrigued me. It is this idea that has been the motivation behind me entering the world of freelance web development. I want to help others to recognise the abundance of resources available online that both increase your profit and free up your time.

The pandemic has been a reminder of how much can be achieved online and has shone a light on the importance of both, having an online presence and creating something that is your own so that you are not reliant on other platforms! The internet era and the social media age are more powerful than ever and only continue to grow.

My values

It was important for me to include the word ‘optimise’ in my company name as I feel that that encompasses me as a person. I am an optimist and feel that no goal is too big. I see myself as a forward thinking, problem solver and my aim is to help businesses to find a way to remove the barriers stopping them from reaching their full potential. I pride myself in paying close attention to detail and have a strong desire for making things look aesthetically pleasing.

How I can help you

Using my developer skills alongside my strategising ability my aim is to;

  • boost your web presence
  • create or reinforce your brand identity online
  • increase your income
  • automate processes for you
  • scale your business with little investment
  • reach a larger audience

If you are interested in any of the above, take a look at the services that I offer here.